Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewellery

Bridal jewelry direct from wholesale diamond brokers at a fraction of retail price. Most bride and grooms have in the past purchased their bridal jewellery (engagement rings and wedding bands) from retail jewelers. Now with the growth of the Internet diamond wholesalers and diamond brokers sell wholesale bridal jewelry direct at excellent wholesale prices.

Diamond wholesalers sell their factory direct bridal jewelry now directly to consumers. The diamond brokers and wholesalers are able to do this because of very low operating overhead. Retail jewellers on the other hand have to charge a very high markup on their bridal jewelry. Since they have to pay for expensive mall rent, fancy jewelry display cases, and high salesperson salaries. The retail jeweler has to charge 100% or greater markup on the bridal jewellery just to survive!

Diamond brokers and diamond wholesalers on the other hand operate in a completely different business model with their bridal jewelry. They have offices and a jewellery manufacturing factory instead of a expensive retail jewelry store.

Be careful of the quality of your bridal jewelry. Some bridal jewelry deals advertised seem just too good to be true. These jewelers take shortcuts with the bridal jewelry. The quality of the workmanship in the bridal jewellery is lacking. Or other retail jewelers buy their bridal jewelry from factories in east asia. The quality of this bridal jewelry is known in the jewelry industry to be very poor. The jewelry factories employ mostly unskilled low paid labor to make the bridal jewelry. Also the factories work on a assembly line principle with the bridal jewelry. So the focus is to create the bridal jewelry at the lowest cost sacraficing quality in the bridal jewellery.

Canada Diamonds is a diamond broker and wholesaler that manufactures the finest quality bridal jewelry at wholesale prices. The bridal jewelry is all hand made and Canada Diamonds is known in the industry as making the very best bridal jewellery.

Good luck with your search for bridal jewelry!

bridal jewellery, platinum engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal jewelry

bridal jewelry and wholesale diamonds. Buy your bridal jewelry direct at discount wholesale prices.

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