Canada - wholesale diamonds

canada wholesale diamond Canada - Wholesale diamonds of the highest quality can be a reality! By following some simple advice a wholesale diamonds in Canada are available to the average consumer.

In Canada Wholesale diamonds can be a reality with the right research. Also, the customer shopping in Canada does not have to settle for wholesale diamonds that are low quality. Following a few fundamental guidelines a diamond customer in Canada or anywhere globally can save thousands and buy wholesale diamonds.

First, stay away from retail diamond jewelers in Canada or where you are locally. Retail jewelers in Canada and typically elsewhere like the USA charge 200-250% markup on their diamond jewelry. Definitely not qualifying as a wholesale diamonds for a shopper in Canada.

You first step in the wholesale diamonds quest is to find a reputable diamond broker or diamond wholesaler. Most diamond brokers will not sell wholesale diamonds to the retail customers in Canada making buying wholesale diamonds difficult. The large retail jewelers pressure diamond wholesalers to not sell wholesale diamonds to the public in Canada, preventing access to Canada wholesale diamonds. A few diamond brokers will sell to clients other than retail jewelers and offer wholesale diamonds to Canadians. The key is to find reputable and true Canadian diamond broker or Canadian diamond wholesaler to get a high quality wholesale diamond.

Canada Diamonds Inc is one of these companies that will sell wholesale diamonds directly to the public. Selling wholesale diamonds in Canada both to retail jewelry stores and the public. Charging only a small trading fee, both the retail jeweler and the public pay the same small commission for the wholesale diamonds in Canada. The key with Canada diamonds is the high volume of diamond trades allows for tremendous buying power from the diamond cutters. Giving the consumer access to wholesale diamonds.

So you can really achieve wholesale diamond in Canada. Superior high quality wholesale diamonds, direct in Canada from a diamond broker.