Canadian Diamond Broker

canadian diamond broker Canadian diamonds mined exclusively in the Arctic, natural and free of any treatment are available at wholesale prices from Canadian diamond brokers. Canadian diamonds are mined in an environmentally and politically sensitive manner. The incredible quality of Canadian diamonds are setting the standard which places Canadian Diamonds in the top of all diamonds in the world.

Canadian Mined Diamonds are truly "Canadian" stones, as defined by law and policy. When you invest in a Canadian Diamond from a Canadian diamond broker you have a guarantee in writing on the Certificate of Origin. In these times where bloodshed diamonds are still mined, the Canadian diamond is the only way to guarantee your diamonds origin and a ethically mined diamond. And buying your Canadian diamonds from a Canadian diamond broker will save thousands by buying at wholesale diamond prices.

Canadian diamonds are known for their high quality and excellent brilliance. Canadian diamond brokers now sell Canadian diamonds worldwide. This remarkable display of northern lights is within the Canadian Diamond.

The Canadian trademarks for the Canadian diamond manufacturers are the polar bear, maple leaf, and Canada goose logos are found laser etch engraved on each stone. Canada's diamond manufacturers have received distinction in Canada and abroad for the cut and quality of their Canadian diamonds. By purchasing your Canadian diamonds from a Canadian diamond broker will ensure you recieve the highest quality Canadian diamonds at wholesale diamond prices.