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Canadian Diamond Certificate

Certified wholesale Canadian Diamonds
Canadian diamonds  certified wholesale Canadian diamonds

Certified Canadian diamonds are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity under the Canadian Federal Government Code of Conduct guaranteeing its Canadian origin.

Canadian diamonds are ethical, environmental and socially conscious diamonds. Guaranteed conflict and bloodshed free, Canadian diamonds are the only pure, clean and ethical choice. Canada Diamonds carries Canadian diamonds mined in strict accordance to the social, environmental, and labour practices of Canada. Strictly regulated by the Government of Canada these wholesale Canadian diamonds are in full compliance with the Canadian Federal Government. Established by the Canadian Competition Bureau, Government of Canada, and are governed by the standards of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamonds.

The Canadian Federal Government Code of Conduct is your authenticity guarantee the Canadian Diamonds are truly Canadian.

Canadian diamond code of conduct. Arctic North West Territories Canadian Diamonds CertificationThe Canadian Federal Government certification system guaranteeing the origin of Canadian diamonds from Canada's arctic NWT is on the leading edge of the diamond industry. No other diamond producing nation in the world is putting such a program in place. The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct ensures an identifiable audit trail for each Canadian diamond. From the mine to the retail jeweler, Canadian diamonds are tracked through the diamond refining process to the retail jeweller with a unique diamond identification number (DIN) laser inscribed on the diamonds girdle.

Canadian diamond certificate guarantees the diamond originates from Canada

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Canadian Diamond Certificate - Each wholesale Canadian diamond CanadaDiamonds.com supplies is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity
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