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Search for Canadian diamonds from Canada's Arctic diamond mines.

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Can't find the exact Canadian diamond you're looking for please Request a Diamond Quote. Let us do the work for you and find the Canadian diamond of your dreams. New Canadian diamond shipments arrive daily.


Canada Diamonds Inc. only carries the finest quality Canadian diamonds. Average or poorly cut Canadian diamonds will not be found here. We buy our diamonds directly from the major Canadian diamond cutters and sell these diamonds at wholesale prices.

Due to our low wholesale Canadian diamonds prices, we experience a high volume of Canadian diamonds sales. Our online Canadian diamonds list changes hourly and may have diamonds that are already sold. We make all attempts to keep the Canadian diamonds database up to date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wholesale Canadian diamonds from Ekati and Diavik diamond mines in Canada's arctic NWT. Independently certified including the AGS 000 ideal cut and GIA certified diamonds have a certificate or authenticity from the Canadian government of the NWT.  All Canadian diamonds are laser engraved with the Canadian certificate number.

Canada Diamonds offer wholesale Canadian diamonds from the Canadian Ekati and Diavik arctic diamonds mines. Canadian diamonds ethically mined and cut direct to you at incredible wholesale prices. These beautiful Canadian diamonds are graded to the highest grading standards and are accompanied by a grading certificate from the GIA, AGS, Gemscan, or IGI. A certificate of origin under the Canadian government code of conduct guarantees the Canadian diamonds Canadian pedigree. The Canadian diamonds are laser engraved with the Canadian certificate number. The laser engraving on the diamond girdle positively identifies the diamond as Canadian. The Canadian serial number while not visible to the naked eye can be easily checked with a jewelers loupe or other magnification of at least 10x.

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