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Diamond Cost and Diamonds Prices

Wholesale Canadian Diamonds prices
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Canadian diamonds are generally slightly more expensive at 5-10% more expensive than diamonds mined in other parts of the world. The Canadian diamonds has the only distinction in the world to be bloodshed and conflict free guaranteed.

Since Canada Diamonds Inc offer Canadian diamonds at wholesale prices, our clients still enjoy prices still much lower than diamonds mined in South Africa.

The increase in price can be attributed to a number of factors:

  • Harsh Mining Conditions - The Canadian arctic is a unforgiving environment for mining. The severe cold takes its toll on mining equipment. The pristine Canadian arctic also requires that the mining operations have a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Fair Labor Practice - In accordance to Canadian law, Canadian mining operations follow strict regulations for safe working conditions. Other countries are able to mine the diamonds at a much lower cost but place their workers lives at risk. Canadian diamonds are the only diamond that are guaranteed bloodshed free.
  • High Quality Diamonds - Canadian diamonds are regarded by the world's diamond experts as being the finest diamonds available. The premium and Ideal cut diamonds have a fire and brilliance like no other diamond.

Since Wholesale Canadian Diamonds clients purchase diamonds direct. Our prices are still much lower that retail jewelers who charge tremendous markups.

Now lets learn about the Canadian diamond story.

Canadian Diamond Story

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Canadian Diamond Story - Out of the frozen ice diamonds a beauty the world has never seen if found.
Canadian Diamond Certificate - Each wholesale Canadian diamond CanadaDiamonds.com supplies is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity
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