Certified Diamonds

certified diamonds

Certified Diamonds are graded by an independant labs like the GIA or HRD. The difference between certified diamonds and a non-certified diamond is quality. Certified diamonds are normally of better quality of non-certified diamonds since there is no discrepancy in the diamond grading. A diamond broker or diamond dealer supplies certified diamonds at wholesale diamond prices. Always demand certified diamonds with GIA or HRD diamond certificates.

Buyers beware! Many retail jewellers claim to carry certified diamonds, however in order for a diamond to be certified, it must be graded by a reputable diamond certification laboratory such as the G.I.A (Gemology Institute of America) or H.R.D (Diamond High Council in Antwerp). A GIA trained salesperson can not certify a diamond. Only diamonds sent to the GIA or HRD labs are truly certified diamonds.

Diamond brokers offer wholesale prices for certified diamonds. Certified diamonds are custom brokered direct from the diamonds manufacturers, according to the clients individual needs. Moreover, diamond brokers carry little inventory as opposed to retail jewelers, alleviating the high operating costs passing savings on to customers for certified diamonds!

If you are looking for the best quality certified diamonds at a fraction of the retail diamond cost, choose a diamond broker for all your certified diamonds.