Diamond Bracelets

diamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets, tennis bracelets, wholesale platinum diamond bracelets - buy your diamond bracelets at wholesale prices. The finest quality diamond bracelets are available at a fraction of retail cost. Purchase your diamond bracelets through a diamond broker and save thousands.

Diamond bracelets or tennis bracelets come in platinum and/or gold and use a variety of different cut diamonds. One of the most popular diamond bracelet style uses round brilliant diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds by design reflect the most light and will have the most flash in a diamond bracelet or tennis bracelet. The princess cut diamonds while not as flashy have a different look in a diamond bracelet that some people prefer. It is best to see a variety of diamond tennis bracelets to decide which style you prefer.

The quality of diamond bracelets varies widely as does the quality of a diamond. Most of the lower quality diamond bracelets found in retail mall jewelry stores use poor quality diamonds and the workmanship of the platinum or gold is very low. Premium quality diamond bracelets such as those found in high end jewelry stores will use much better quality diamonds. It is now possible to buy these same high quality diamond bracelets and tennis bracelets at wholesale prices. That's 50% of the price for the diamond bracelets!

Canada Diamonds manufactures high quality diamond jewelry and diamond bracelets from facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Master Swiss goldsmiths create the finest diamond jewelry and diamond bracelets. Canada diamonds ships these quality diamond bracelets to high end jewelry stores and clients globally.