Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry created by Master Swiss goldsmiths at wholesale prices. Puchasing direct from jewelry manufacturers save you thousands. Pay a fraction of the retail price for beautiful diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry can be affordable for everyone!

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry does not only have to be available to the rich. High quality certified diamonds and diamond jewelry may be purchased directly from reputable diamond jewelry manufacturers at a fraction of retail prices. Be careful though of cheaply made diamond jewelry from east Asian factories. While the price of this diamond jewelry is very low, the quality of the diamond jewelry is very poor. This diamond jewelry is typically found in retail mall jewelry stores. The diamond jewelry will seem very light since the precious platinum or gold is hollowed out and the quality of the diamonds are very poor. To ensure your diamonds jewelry is of the highest quality it is always best to purchase your diamond separately out of the ring setting. This way the diamond can be properly inspected. Also make sure your diamond jewelry is created to the highest quality standards. Hand made and not assembly line diamond jewelry.

Canada Diamonds is a diamond wholesaler specializing in Canadian diamonds and diamond jewelry with manufacturing facilities. Wholesale diamond jewelry is shipped worldwide from offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Every diamond jewelry piece is hand crafted, created by master goldsmiths.

diamond jewelry, Exquisite platinum diamond jewelry created to the highest standards

Diamond Jewelry - Exquisite platinum diamond jewelry created to the highest standards