Diamond Prices

Diamond PricesDiamond prices vary dramatically from the wholesale diamond price point to the retail consumer price. At every level or middleman the diamond prices increase.

The lowest diamond price available is at the diamond wholesaler level. The diamond wholesaler price is the lowest since the wholesaler buys diamonds direct from the diamond cutter.

The next diamond price level is at the distributer. The diamond distributer usually sells to a retail jeweler or retail jewelry chain. At this level the diamond price point is about 10% greater than the wholesaler level.

Finally at the retail jewelry store level the price of a diamond increases greatly. Since retail jewellers have a large overhead (mall rent, salerperson salary..etc) the diamond prices will increase to about 200-250% of the original wholesale diamond price.

Canada Diamonds is a diamond wholesaler selling Canadian diamonds globally. We trade a large volume of diamonds and will our low overhead out clients diamond prices are the best available. Canada Diamonds pride ourselves on our high quality wholesale priced diamonds.

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Wholesale Diamond Prices for the finest quality diamonds..

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Diamond Prices - save thousands on a wholesale diamond.