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Canadian diamond tutorials, Carat Color Clarity Cut, diamond jewelry learning center

Diamond Tutorials

Canadian diamond tutorials
ideal cut wholesale Canadian diamonds learn about Canadian diamonds and diamond basics
The Five C's - Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Diamond Cost
Wholesale Canadian diamonds learning center

Buying a diamonds for that special person in your life is a exciting experience. To get the best value for you money you need to know what makes a diamond valuable. By taking the following diamond tutorials we go through the four c's of buying a diamond. In the industry these are known as a diamonds value factors. The diamond tutorials will teach you about diamond cost and what value factors affect a diamonds price.Diamond Tutorials - learn about ideal cut diamonds, carat, color, clarity

The Canadian Diamond Tutorials

The Canadian diamond tutorials are designed to teach you the basics of what makes a diamond valuable or the 4 C's. Then probably the most important "C" for the diamond shopper cost is discussed and the factors affecting Canadian diamonds market prices are discussed.

The Canadian Diamond Story is explained showing the beauty born in the Canadian north. And what separates a conflict and bloodshed free Canadian diamond from their African conflict diamond counterparts.

So lets begin our diamond tutorial, click below to begin learning about diamond Carat Weight!

Carat Weight
Diamond tutorials - educate yourself on the diamond four C's.
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Canadian Diamond Story - Out of the frozen ice diamonds a beauty the world has never seen if found.
Canadian Diamond Certificate - Each wholesale Canadian diamond CanadaDiamonds.com supplies is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity
wholesale diamond jewelry and Canadian diamonds training
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