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Diavik Canadian Diamonds

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Diavik Canadian Diamond Mine
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The Diavik diamond mine is Canada's second producing diamond mine (the first diamond mine being Ekati). The Diavik Diamonds project is located in the Northwest Territories about 500 km south of the Arctic Ocean and 300 km North-Northeast of Yellowknife at Lac De Gras.

The Diavik Canadian Diamond Mine

Diavik Canadian Diamonds mined in the Canadian arctic NWT

The Diavik diamond mine was completed in 2002 at a cost of 1.13 billion. The Diavik diamond mine with it's sister diamond Ekati diamond mine lead the world on environmental standards. Extreme care has been taken in the pristine Arctic north. The diamond mine involved the development of a open pit diamond mine located beneath a major lake. An extreme challenge given the frigid conditions of the Arctic north. The Diavik diamond project comprises of water retention dikes, a open pit diamond mine, a process plant, kimberlite containment dikes and the associated infrastructure. Including roads, power generation plant, fuel storage, airstrip, accommodation, water supply and other services and facilities. The Diavik diamond mine development includes a 3 km long 25 meter high water retaining dike to permit dewatering and development of the diamond mine.

The Diavik diamond mine is expected to produce 1.5 million tons of kimberlite material.

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