EGL Certified Diamonds

canada wholesale diamond EGL Certified Diamonds - European Gemological Laboratory, First established in 1974 is one of the oldest and largest gemological institutions in the world. The United States Headquarters of EGL is located New York City's international diamond district. As an independent gemological laboratory, EGL is the first choice for gemological services in the jewelry industry. EGL certified diamonds are the choice of diamond brokers all over the world.

EGL Certified Diamonds - For thousands of years, the true nature of diamonds and colored stones were mysteries to all but a select few. Diamond brokers were literally at the mercy of the gem traders until science began to unravel the secrets of gems. EGL European Gemological laboratory formed out of the desire of the gem trade and consumers to be fully informed about the identity, authenticity, and value of gems. Independence from sales organizations is the bedrock foundation on which EGL European Gemological Laboratory stands today.

EGL certified diamonds - EGL was an early leader in technology for the gem industry. The EGL diamond-imprinting machine was the forerunner of EGL's modern cold-laser inscription machine. EGL was also the first laboratory to provide certification for diamonds under one-carat in weight. EGL's unique instant-imaging pearl X-ray analysis equipment was recently featured on NBC News.

EGL certified diamonds - European Gemological Laboratory supports the jewelry trade in other important ways. The lab is actively participates in regional and national trade shows and provides many free educational seminars and lectures for jewelers and gemologists in the United Sates and Internationally. EGL also believes very strongly in consumer education and is the only laboratory to provide free informational brochures for consumers.

EGL certified diamonds - The EGL-USA mission Statement embodies our goals:

"As a global gemological institution, EGL has a sacred trust. Our goal is to ensure this by
protecting the integrity of the jewelry trade and the public's interest through applied
science, innovation, education, and exceptional service."

For diamond brokers, EGL certified diamonds have become the certificate of choice!