GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA certified diamonds are the consumers answer to the challenges of buying a gorgeous diamond. The GIA certified diamonds is a independantly laboratory certified diamonds from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The GIA is one of the two largest independant diamonds certification labs in the world. GIA certified diamonds are the standard in the jewelry industry.

GIA certified diamonds take the subjectivity out of a diamond's 4 c's. Diamond professionals such as diamond brokers insist on diamond certificates from the GIA to accuratly determine a diamonds value. As a consumer GIA certified diamonds are a powerful tool to verify the quality of a diamond versus what a retail jeweller might claim a diamonds specifications. In many cases a unreputable retail jeweler will try to sell a diamond with a poor cut and color/clarity that are two or more grades lower than he claims. A GIA diamond certificate makes it impossible for the jeweller to sell a grade higher than it actually is thanks to GIA certified diamonds.

gia certified diamonds

The key to finding high quality GIA certified diamonds is a diamond broker. A diamond broker can supply GIA certified diamonds at a fraction of retail price. The very best diamond brokers will also be trained diamond graders. Their expertise can be extremely valuable in evaluating a GIA certified diamonds. A trained professional can help you find GIA certified diamonds that are of the highest quality within its own grade. For example a GIA certified diamonds graded a G color may be almost good enough to reach a F color but is still a G color GIA certified diamond. These GIA certified diamonds are the best value for your dollar. Also a diamond broker can help evaluate a diamond cut from the gia diamond certificate. The difference between a permium cut GIA certified diamond and a medium to poorly cut GIA certified diamond can be over 50% price difference. Unreputable retail jewelers will try to sell poorly cut uncertified diamonds and still make a tremendous profit.

So demand GIA certified diamonds from your jeweller. GIA certified diamonds are your answer to beautiful and brilliant diamonds. Diamond brokers insist on GIA certified diamonds and so should you!

GIA certified diamonds