Ideal Cut Diamonds

Ideal Cut Diamonds

Ideal Cut Diamonds - A ideal cut diamond reflects nearly all of the light that enters the stone. A poorly cut diamond on the other hand appears glasslike. Comparing ideal cut diamonds beside a poorly cut diamond and the differences are amazing.

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky empirically calculated the ideal proportions of a round diamond as part of his Ph.D. thesis in Mathematics.  An "ideal cut," according to Tolkowsky's calculations, a ideal diamond has the following characteristics:

  • Round in shape, and brilliant-cut (58 facets)

  • Depth percentage:  59%

  • Table percentage:  53%

  • Crown height percentage:   16%

  • Pavilion depth percentage:   43%

  • Girdle thickness: Medium and even all the way around the diamond

  • Symmetry:  Perfect

  • Perfectly aligned and formed facets

  • Very small or absent culet

It should be obvious that finding a ideal cut diamond to Tolkowsky's ideal diamond specifications is an expensive undertaking.  To complicate matters even more, recent studies by the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) have demonstrated that a 59% table yields a more brilliant diamond (as opposed to Tolkowsky's 53% ideal diamond specification).  Retail jewelers tend to confuse the issue even more, since their version of the "ideal cut" will likely vary from day to day, as their diamond inventory changes.  So how do you, the consumer, go about making the right decision with regard to cut?  What tradeoffs can you make that will yield an almost ideal-cut diamond?

The term ideal cut is abused by retail jewelers. Since retail jewelers can buy poorly cut diamonds at extreme discounts, most of the diamonds found in retail mall jewelry stores will have medium to poor diamond cuts. Far from ideal cut diamond. Add to this that retail jewelers usually sell uncertified diamonds (always demand GIA or HRD certified diamonds). A good rule of thumb is to add at least three color grades and two clarity grades to a uncertified diamond, and the cut one to two lower grades than the retail jeweler claims (not even close to being a ideal cut diamond).

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