Import Diamonds

import diamonds

Import Diamonds - Diamond importers purchase diamond from diamond cutters and import diamonds for clients around the world. A Imported diamond can save you thousands over a retail jeweler diamond. Diamond brokers primarily import diamonds on a client basis. Most diamond brokers import diamonds for retail jewelry store. However, with the growth of the Internet some diamond brokers now import diamonds for the public. Finding a diamond broker who will import diamonds for you will save thousands.

Import diamonds direct from diamond cutters. With a diamond broker importing diamonds and the tremendous savings involved can be a possibility. Traditionally only jewelry industry insiders had the ability to import diamonds. A revolution has taken place in the jewelry industry. Consumers now have access to wholesale diamonds and can import diamonds the same as retail jewelers.

Import Diamonds - One final word of advice when importing diamonds. Ensure that you find a authentic diamond broker to import diamonds. May claim to be diamond brokers but their prices are actually retail. A diamond broker will import diamonds for clients directly from diamond cutters. Diamond wholesalers typically use a diamond broker to import diamonds on a large scale. And retail jewelers use diamond wholesalers and do not import diamonds. Its important to note that a diamond wholesaler (or middle man) will charge an additional 10-15% versus a diamond broker importing diamonds.