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HOME - Canada Diamonds Inc. main page. Launch page to browse beautiful Canadian diamonds, fine diamonds jewelry, and learn about Canadian diamonds.

Loose Canadian Diamonds - Shop online for wholesale Canadian diamonds. On-line inventory lists of beautiful ideal cut certified Canadian diamonds. Including round brilliant diamonds, princess cut diamonds, emerald cut, radiant cut, oval cut, pear shape, marquise shape, heart shape. A custom quote request form is also available to find your exact diamond.

Diamond Quote - Request a specific diamond with the online request form. Choose specific criteria for your diamond and a detailed response of currently available and soon to be available diamonds will be sent by email or return telephone call.

Diamond Rings - Browse beautiful diamond jewelry made in platinum and 18 kt gold. Stock and custom jewelry made to the highest quality standards by master goldsmiths. Prices are not posted since the price varies with the market price of gold and platinum.

Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - Browse classic Canadian diamonds engagement rings at wholesale prices. Canadian diamond jewelry in 14kt, 18kt and platinum.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings - Hand made Canadian diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Canadian Diamond Earrings - Canadian diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Tutorials - Learn about Canadian diamonds, take the 5 C's diamond basics course. Become an educated customer.

Certified Canadian Diamonds - The ultimate Canadian diamonds certificate of origin. CanadaMark is the assurance from the Canadian diamond mine of the diamonds Canadian birth.

Canadian Diamond Story - The amazing Canadian diamond discovery. Possibly the discovery of the century, Canadian diamonds have shook the diamonds industry providing the consumer a clean and ethical choice.

Diamond Carat Weight - The diamond basics lesson on carat weight.

Diamond Color - The diamond color scale grading tutorial course.

Diamond Clarity - Diamond grading clarity lesson.

Diamond Cut - The most important of the diamond basics, diamonds cut. The cut quality directly affects the diamonds brilliance. Lean what makes a diamonds sparkle and shine.

Diamond Cost - The value factors which determine the market price of a diamond.

Canadian Diamond Certificate - Learn about the varying Canadian certificates used to identify a diamonds as Canadian origin.

Canadian Diamond Ring Size Guide - Conversion chart of global ring sizes and millimeter conversion.

Canada Diamonds Company Information - Contact and other business information for Canada Diamonds.

Low Diamond Prices - Learn how Canada Diamonds has revolutionized the diamond industry by offering clients wholesale Canadian diamonds at incredible prices.

Message From the President - Contact and other business information

Unconditional Diamond Money Back Guarantee - Canada Diamonds 15 day full money back guarantee leads the market by offering a no-risk diamonds purchase.

Client Testimonials - Canada Diamonds ships diamonds globally hear comments from previous Canada Diamonds Customers.

Diamond Order Information - Contact and other business information for Canada Diamonds.

Canada Diamonds Payment Methods - Purchase methods and procedure for Canada Diamonds fine jewelry and incredible Canadian diamonds.

Canada Diamonds Links - Links to industry and other interesting information for our clients convenience.

Canada Diamonds Links Page 2 - Page 2 of Links to industry and other information

Canada Diamonds Links Page 3 - Page 3 of Links to industry and other information

Diamond Articles - Canada Diamonds Resource Center

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - The incredible hearts and arrows optical effect.

Diavik Canadain Diamonds - The Diavik Canadian diamond mine information.

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