Wholesale Diamonds in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

wholesale diamonds in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada

Wholesale Diamonds in Vancouver - Canada Diamonds Inc. is a diamond broker providing access to thousands of high quality beautiful and brilliant GIA and HRD certified diamonds at wholesale prices. Canada Diamonds has jewelry manufacturing facilities in downtown Vancouver with Master Swiss goldsmiths creating diamond jewelry renown worldwide for its quality.

Vancouver, British Columbia provides an ideal location for Canada Diamonds Inc. to broker wholesale Canadian diamonds to clients worldwide. The city of Vancouver, British Columbia is a gateway to the Canadian Arctic diamond mines. Canada Diamonds sells these premium quality Canadian diamonds from Vancouver to the wholesale diamond markets globally.

Canada Diamonds has taken a completely different approach to diamond shopping. Instead of expensive fancy show rooms and expensive mall rent, Canada diamonds operates from offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. From the Vancouver office Canada diamonds sells wholesale diamonds directly to clients globally. The low operating overhead of the Vancouver office and the high volume of diamond trades allows Canada diamonds to sell these diamonds at a very low wholesale price.

Wholesale Diamonds in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Wholesale Diamonds in Beautiful Vancouver BC Canada