Wholesale Diamonds

wholesale diamonds

Wholesale diamonds direct from diamond broker at incredible prices! Canada diamonds carries the finest GIA, HRD and AGS wholesale certified diamonds. Canada diamonds also is the leading diamond broker dealing in ethically mined wholesale certified Canadian diamonds. Canada diamonds also trades wholesale diamonds markets Belgium, India, Israel, and New York.

wholesale diamonds, diamond brokers, diamond wholesalers, diamond cutters, retail jewelersDiamonds start out at a wholesale price between the cutters and diamond broker /diamond wholesaler. These wholesale diamonds are generally traded in large diamond markets in Belgium, India, Israel, New York and Canada. The diamond brokers and diamond wholesalers then sell the diamonds either to distribution centers or retail jewelers. The diamond brokers / diamond wholesalers generally place a small markup or commission of 5-10% on the wholesale diamond price. Then the diamonds may go between several middle men before reaching the retail jeweler. Each of these middle men adding their markup on the diamonds (hardly qualifying as a wholesale diamond). The retail jeweler then must add the largest markup to the diamond since they must pay for expensive store rent, elaborate display cases and salesperson salaries. The result to the consumer is a diamond several time the price of the original wholesale diamonds.

Diamond brokers Canada Diamonds offer wholesale diamonds prices directly from the diamond cutters. Certified wholesale diamonds are custom brokered directly from the diamond cutters, according to the clients individual needs. Since Canada Diamonds operating costs are very low, clients enjoy wholesale diamonds prices.

If you are looking for the best quality certified diamonds at a fraction of the retail diamond cost, choose a diamond broker for your wholesale diamonds.

wholesale diamonds

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